Storage Antioch CA

For your belongings that need temporary accommodation, consider renting storage in Antioch, CA. If you want to ensure that your possessions will be safely kept, storage in Antioch, CA is your best choice.


What Is Storage in Antioch, CA? 

A self-storage unit is a facility that is rented out to people on a regular basis. Storage in Antioch, CA is favored by people who are renovating their home or undergoing a transition in their life because:


Storage in Antioch, CA helps you reduce clutter in your home


It is normal to accumulate belongings and memorabilia especially if you have a growing family in Antioch, California. If you prefer not to get rid of used things in your home such as baby clothes or your kids’ old crib because you would like to have another child in the future, storage in Antioch, CA is the solution for you. That way, you are sure that these items are neatly kept and will be ready when your new bundle of joy arrives.


Storage in Antioch, CA is also the ideal way to store out-of-season clothes, those miniature toys that trip everyone over, and that rocker that only gran sits in during her Thanksgiving visits.


Storage in Antioch, CA lets you convert that space in your home into something useful


Putting your rarely used items in storage in Antioch, CA will give you the liberty of turning freed-up space into something beneficial. Go ahead and start planning your reading nook!


Storage in Antioch, CA offers secure safekeeping


Companies that operate facilities for storage in Antioch, CA claim to provide optimum security for your belongings. To ensure that your things are indeed in good hands, trust Oakley Gateway Self Storage for storage in Antioch, CA. We guarantee that:

  • Our units for storage in Antioch, CA are located in a well-lit facility that implements 24-hour video monitoring
  • Our units for storage in Antioch, CA are kept in an electronically gated facility
  • Our units for storage in Antioch, CA have their own individual alarms


Storage in Antioch, CA is not just for families undergoing transition. Other clients who will benefit from storage in Antioch, CA include:


Students going away for the summer will benefit from storage in Antioch, CA


It is not practical to take all your books home just for a summer only to carry them back again in the coming term. Oakley Gateway Self Storage in Antioch CA will spare you from the unnecessary trouble. Take your things to our storage in Antioch, California. Another piece of good news: we regularly offers discounts for our storage units.


Military personnel that will be reassigned to a new place will find storage in Antioch, CA handy


Military personnel know that relocating is part of the job. However, it can still get stressful, especially for their families. This is why at Oakley Gateway Self Storage, we regularly offer storage in Antioch, CA to our heroes at discounted rates.


Car collectors and sports enthusiasts who do not have room for their equipment can find an ally in storage in Antioch, CA

Do not risk damaging your vintage automobile, racecar, or boat when you store them at home. At Oakley Gateway Self Storage, we have 10’ by 20’ storage in Antioch, CA for your prized vehicles.


Contact Us for Storage in Antioch, CA

Do not stress about where to store your things when the solution can be easily provided through storage in Antioch, California! For more information, call Oakley Gateway Self Storage today at (925) 239-4921. You may likewise visit our facility and see for yourself why Californians choose Oakley Gateway Self Storage for storage in Antioch, CA!  We are located at 2101 Laurel Road, and our resident manager will be happy to assist you from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Mondays through Saturdays and 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Sundays.


Oakley Gateway Self Storage - Storage Antioch CA

Many situations call for the use of self storage in Antioch, CA. Maybe you need space for your home de-cluttering. Perhaps you want a place to store items of sentimental value. You may also be a traveler who needs private storage in Antioch, CA until you settle down. Whatever the reason, one fact remains: you need room today to store your valuables in Antioch, CA.


Instead of dumping, selling, or donating items to free up space, you can rent a safe self-storage unit in Antioch, CA. Oakley Gateway Self Storage in Antioch, CA is a reputable self-storage facility that gives homeowners and business owners a safe place to store their possessions. If you need extra space for your goods, consider renting our units in Antioch, CA. With our self storage, you can expect that your belongings will be safe, secure, and easily accessible.


What Makes Our Self-Storage Facility Different - Storage Antioch CA

As the self-storage industry expands, different self-storage centers crowd the market. Here’s why you should choose us:


State-of-the-Art Security - Storage Antioch CA

Security is the top priority in the self-storage landscape. That is why Oakley Gateway Self Storage in Antioch, CA implements comprehensive security measures. For the optimal safekeeping of our clients’ goods, our gate access is electronically coded. Our units in Antioch, CA are also individually alarmed to maximize the detection of intrusion, theft, or burglary. As added monitoring security, first-rate surveillance cameras are mounted on our walls.


Long Access and Office Hours - Storage Antioch CA

Our office is open to clients every day. You can speak with our resident manager from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and every Sunday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Because clients can reach us daily, concerns are more easily raised and addressed. Our on-site team member is also available for recommendations during office hours.


As a trusted self-storage facility, we make moving and safekeeping as easy as possible for our clients. We do this by providing daily access to our units. Should you need to retrieve or store your items, our doors will be open on any day, from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


Many Unit Sizes - Storage Antioch CA

We do not want our clients to waste money on unused space. That is why we offer them different unit sizes. Whether you need room for big, heavy equipment or tiny home valuables, we have just the unit for you.


At Oakley Gateway Self Storage in Antioch CA, we have small, medium, and large non-climate controlled units. From home furniture to office equipment, there is virtually no item that our facility cannot house. You can choose between a drive-up or interior storage, depending on the size and amount of your belongings.


Our small units are good for home or business de-cluttering while our large rental spaces can shelter entire contents of a house. Apart from units for home or office items, we have parking spaces for vehicles.


Not sure what unit to rent? You can visualize our storage unit sizes on our website. (Link “online size guide” to; Link “storage tips” to


Eco-Friendly Self Storage - Storage Antioch CA

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, we have good news for you. Oakley Gateway Self Storage units are powered by the sun! We use our solar electric system to generate most of the energy that we use. By renting our clean and environmentally friendly units, you protect your valuables while conserving planet resources.


Convenient Moving and Packing - Storage Antioch CA

At Oakley Gateway Self Storage in Antioch CA, we make moving items easier for our clients. That is why we give them free one-time access to our move-in truck! Our handcarts can also be borrowed for free by those who are renting our interior storage units.


Need to repack your possessions? Our facility has packing supplies available on-site. We sell boxes, tapes, locks, bubble wraps, and more at reasonable prices.


Online Bill Payment - Storage Antioch CA

With our facility, you can pay the fees online. This makes transactions easier and faster. Visit our homepage today for more details. (Link “homepage” to


Rent Your Own Oakley Gateway Self-Storage Unit Today - Storage Antioch CA

Running out of space in your home or office? Keep your items in our secure, safe, and eco-friendly self-storage unit! Oakley Gateway Self Storage units in Antioch CA are heavily safeguarded, reasonably priced, and easily accessible. Contact one of our storage team members today. (Link “Contact” to